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Re: scm doesn't work on ia64

I like to think I'm pretty knowledgable on ia64 and this sounds like
an interesting project. I'll plan to get the source from cvs but if
this isn't the best route please let me know.
The stack layout on ia64 is different from most (all?) other
architectures so any application that does unusual things with the stack
will likely need some special consideration for ia64.

Richard Harke

On Fri October 28 2005 16:53, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> SCM, the portable scheme interpreter written by Aubrey Jaffer, and
> used as a foundation for JACAL, does not work on ia64.  (Never has.)
> Is there someone on the porter's list who is an expert on the
> architecture, who might be able to work with Aubrey in figuring out
> why the stack-copying operations in handling Scheme continuations
> might not be working?
> Thomas

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