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Re: Request to test a G77 bug on 64-bit platforms

dann frazier wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-09-22 at 10:47 -0400, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
>>Could I request someone to test for the presence of a G77 bug on 64-bit
>>platforms?  Please install g77 and gcc on a *Sid* machine and ensure
>>that gcc is a symlink to gcc-4.0 and g77 is a symlink to g77-3.4. Unpack
>>the attached tarball and run "make" inside, then let me know the
>>results.  This is a test for GCC PR15937, here:

> dannf@krebs:/tmp/test$ make
> gcc -Wall -c test.c -o testc.o
> g77 -Wall -c test.F -o testf.o
> g77 testc.o testf.o -o a.out
> ./a.out
>  funct1: return value =   1.11109996
>  in test1: retval from fortran call is   1.11109996
> funct2: return value = 1.111100
>  in test1: retval from c(float) call is   1.11109996
> funct2: return value = 2
>  in test1: retval from c(int)   call is  2

>> I'm sorry, I neglected to ask people to state their platform!  This was
>> on ia64, correct?

> I thought about that after I hit send.  Yes, this was on ia64.

So, confirmed NOT to be a bug on ia64.  Thanks!

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