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Re: Goodday. Its fast too buy Meds from the net ,.Pay one half $ of anywhere else ..,,aegis decolletage

Are you in any way associated to simply-meds.com?  If so, I need your help tracking down an order I made on 7/29/05.  I never  received the tracking # or order id and my bank account has been drafted in the amount of $174.90.  I am unable to even get on the website and have not received my order.  I would appreciate anything you can do to track down my order for valium.  If you have a tracking # or Order id I would appreciate that as well.  I was told originally that I would receive the order in a few days thru DHL delivery.  To date, I have received nothing and have had no reply from the website or thru emails which were returned.  My bank is now looking into the matter.  I hope you can help me in some way.  Thank you for you assistance.
Lori Scheirer

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