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Re: sarge netinst cd not bootable in ia64

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to find an ISO CD image of Debian "amd64", to install on a Dell Poweredge 1800 (Intel Xeon Em64).

Does anyone know where can I get it?


Augusto Dall'Agnol

Jens Krause wrote:
Hallo all,

first, thanks for your help. Using "amd64" now installs fine. I was
indeed confused by this naming.

Maybe it would help if http://cdimage.debian.org/ would actualy
contain links to the amd64 images. People probably search and search
and the only thing they see that even partly matches is ia64.
Would this note be acceptable?


If you ask me (as the stupid user): yes, that would help to
clear the confusion.




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