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IA64 assembly warning message

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Hi all!

I have for a long time a problem on ia64 with one of my package, namely gcc-m68hc1x. As I don't know how to debug it, I have done a diff between the alpha and ia64 build logs. I found the following message in the ia64 build log:

/tmp/cc7tOSzf.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/cc7tOSzf.s:14874: Warning: Use of 'mov' may violate WAW dependency 'GR%, % in 1 - 127' (impliedf), specific resource number is 15
/tmp/cc7tOSzf.s:14872: Warning: This is the location of the conflicting

Could anybody tell me if this message could be safely ignored or not? After all, it's only a warning.


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