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Re: nvidia: Unknown symbol __bad_increment_for_ia64_fetch_and_add

On Saturday 22 January 2005 01:49, Richard Harke wrote:
> I got the patch from the list archives (Msg00057.html, from Davidm on
> Dec 29) that is to allow nvidia driver to compile for 2.6
> I have kernel 2.6.10 running, built from debian source package.
> gcc is 3.3  (same as for kernel build)
> kernel module builds but will not load. Error message is the subject
> line.
> Since this label appears in several of the .o files but in none of the
> .c files, I guess it must be added by gcc. But then something should
> be linked in to satisfy the call??
I have learned a little. It is defined in the kernel headers and it is not
meant to be resolved but to force an error. Actually, the error is twice,
once in link phase again with modprobe. The first error scrolled off
screen before. But because this is reported at link time, there is no
file name and line number so its very hard to see what the problem
Richard Harke

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