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Problem with Itanium-I Server and numerical programs

Dear all,

I have serious problems with a dual Itanium I (Merced) Workstation
(Fujitsu-Siemens 880) with 733 MHz and 16 GByte RAM.

Since some time (don't know exactly since when) large calculations
(finite-element and finite-difference) hang or freeze: after some calcualtions (iterations and/or time-steps) there is absolutely no more progress, the job just hangs, but with > 99 %CPU.
I have waited for weeks, but there is no progress.

The operating System was Debian Woody but the malfunction still exists
with Debian Sarge, Kernel 2.6.8-1-itanium-smp (also with

The malfunction occurs with the actuell gcc compilers and with the Intel
compilers (icc and ifort).

The error occors both when started directly in a shell, as well as when
started with 'nohup'.

AFAIK there are no error messages.

I would be happy for any hint!

Despite of this malfunction, the system works really fine.



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