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Re: Compaq DL590/64 Install

On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 08:42 +1100, Glenn Corbett wrote:
> All,
> I've got a Compaq Proliant DL590/64 Itanium (1) server, and was wondering if
> anyone had managed to get this piece of kit running with Debian ?
> I've googled fairly heavily around getting Debian running on this machine,
> and there seems to be a couple of major roadblocks (and very other little
> information). Seems like its either really easy, or no-one is trying to do
> this.
> The HP Enablement Kit for Linux (which is mentioned on the debian ia64 port
> WebPages) doesn't appear to work for the Itanium 1 DL590/64. I get partway
> through the load process, and the system Kernel Panics and halts. I haven't
> been able to dump out the exact point at which it crashes, it scrolls by way
> too quickly. I can understand this one, as the CD only really mentions
> Itanium 2, so I'm presuming the kernel on the CD is specifcally compiled for
> the I2.
> I've downloaded the Sarge ISO's (debian-30r3-ia64-binary-1.iso), but seem to
> be having a number of issues, namely no support for the Compaq Smart Array
> controller. If I boot from the sarge CD's, the init process starts up ok,
> however I get a number of "hda/b/c: lost interrupt" messages. It does appear
> to work its way through them, however then doesn't appear to have support
> included for the cpqarray (installer says it cant find a hard disk,
> therefore I must be installing a diskless workstation). One of the suggested
> fixes for this was to update the firmware, which I have done, but it doesn't
> appear to have fixed the problem.
> I've also downloaded the latest weekly build from 3-Jan-05 of the IA64
> install. This install behaves quite differently. The system boots, it gets
> to the page asking for the installation language and the system freezes.
> Another of the suggestions posted is to recompile the kernel with the
> cpqarray support included and to use the correct "switches" for the Itanium
> to resolve the "lost interrupt" messages. Being a bit of a linux n00b, I'm
> not really sure how I do that without having the system up and running in
> the first place.
> So, I guess my questions therefore are; a) have I really made a major
> mistake from the outset ? b) do I infact need a recompiled kernel to fix
> these issues, and c) if so, can I download it from somewhere, or does anyone
> have instructions on how to do this without access to a running Itanium
> system ?
> Slightly frustrating having a 30k dollar server that is doing a fantastic
> impression of a paperweight.
> Cheers.
> Glenn

I paid $400 for mine on eBay. :-)

I did get one of the Debian Installers to work, sort of.  I think it was
netinst-rc2.  The problem that I had with it was that when it finished,
it did not have the right root device in it's initrd.  I poked at it but
couldn't figure it out.  I reported it to Debian's bugs but I must have
done it wrong, or they just ignored me.  Oh well.

The problem with the system freezing: It isn't really freezing.  What's
going on is that the keyboard drivers aren't loaded.  I got around that
by doing a serial port installation.
Zan Lynx <zlynx@acm.org>

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