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Re: help with getting toolchain/libc up to sniff?

At Fri, 29 Oct 2004 09:46:49 -0700,
David Mosberger wrote:
> Those have
> been fixed in upstream now and as of now, there are no known
> unwind-related bugs left.  Thus, it would be really good to get the
> Debian toolchain in sync.  Since Debian won't upgrade to gcc-3.4 and
> the latest libc over night, I thought I'd spend the effort to backport
> the minimal fixes to get things working right.  The result is the 3
> patches below, which fix, respectively, GCC v3.3, libc6.1, and
> binutils.

Actually the current debian release status is problem for toolchain

> Now the problem is that I'd really need help to get these patches
> integrated into Debian.  Any help in that direction would be greatly
> appreciated (especially since I'll be distracted with my move back to
> California over the next few days).

Is this modification needed seriously for libunwind?  If so, could
you provide descriptions about this change to changelog files?

-- gotom

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