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Re: help with getting toolchain/libc up to sniff?

> Now the problem is that I'd really need help to get these patches
> integrated into Debian.  Any help in that direction would be greatly
> appreciated (especially since I'll be distracted with my move back to
> California over the next few days).

can you just file bugs with these patches against the appropriate
debian packages? 

> Also, it would be good if GCC on ia64 could be built against
> libunwind.  To do so, we'd probably want to make sure that Debian has
> libunwind v0.98.2 (which I'll release next week and contains just two
> minor bug fixes vs. v0.98.1) installed when building GCC and glibc.
> The rest should be automatic.

this probably will take a bit more time.

> Anybody willing to help getting these into Debian?

let's get these into the BTS, then if needed i can help with further

Randolph Chung
Debian GNU/Linux Developer, hppa/ia64 ports

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