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Re: Sarge on Compaq DL590 Install Problem

Hi Zan,

First off, the debian-installer people would probably be interested in your 
experience. They have a report template at,
more on that below.

Zan Lynx writes...

> I just recently aquired a Compaq DL590

Wow I hadn't heard of that one. FYI for other people that might be curious 
the product page is,


specs(for the north american model at least) at,


> I downloaded and burned
> "http://cdimage.debian.org/pub/cdimage-testing/sarge_d-i/ia64/beta4/sarge-i=
> a64-netinst.iso"
> It booted OK, and started the kernel and the language selection came up
> and it -- froze.  Very annoying.  I waited a couple of minutes to see if
> anything would happen but it did not.

Could this be question #23 in the FAQ?

Other than that I don't have any d-i specific ideas but here's some things 
you can try(and include in your report) to help narrow down the the problem.

When the system becomes unresponsive,
  can you change virtual consoles?
  does it respond to ctrl-alt-del?
  does the caps lock LED on your keyboard(if you have one) respond
    when hitting the caps lock key?
  does it respond to Alt-SysRq commands?
Things to try to see if they will help,
  if you have any I/O cards in the system try removing them
  try disabling the integrated Smart Array controller
  try disabling the integrated NIC controllers
  try taking out or swapping memory
Things to help determine if it's the hardware,
  is the system known to be working?
  does the same system work with another OS?
  does the system work with a woody based installer?
  does the firmware report any errors? has it marked any memory dimms
    or banks as bad?
  are there vendor provided diagnostics you can run?

If you include answers to these questions when submitting an install report 
it will be much easier to find and fix the problem.

Questions for others on the list,
  does anyone know about the compatibility of the kernel used for d-i
    beta4 with Itanium1/Intel 460GX based systems?
  has anyone else tested d-i(any version) on a Itanium1/460GX based
    system? on a Compaq DL590?


Matt Taggart

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