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KDE will not run

Previously, it was a problem with X but I upgraded to the
latest Nvidia driver (1.0-5336) and X works. Kde will not start
reporting, cannot connect. I know X works because I can run twm.
If I try to run ktux, for example, from an xterm under twm, I get:
_XTransOpen: Unable to find transport for local
ktux: cannot connect to X server :0.0

I can run, for example, glxgears and I am getting hw 3D

Just within the last few minutes, I did apt-get upgrade
(after apt-get update) and got a lot of new Kde pieces but the problem 

I have also tried to set the display with the -display command line
option to ktux but it doesn't help. The message does change to reflect
the values I use. I have tried connecting to the server on another machine
but the message is basically the same, no a refused or denied

Richard Harke

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