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Re: net-install: USB keyboard

On Mit, 31 Mär 2004, dann frazier wrote:

>On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 11:42:35AM +0200, Martin Kleinschmidt wrote:
>> I have an itanium machine with only 4 USB connectors, no ps/2 or other. 
>> The USB keyboard is not recognized by the net-install CD's kernel (sarge).
>this was fixed, but not before beta3.

I downloaded and booted
but the USB keyborad still does not work.

>> The debian stable CDs do not boot at all.
>really?  what box do you have?  you can try the HP cd, for which a link is posted
>on the ia64 ports page, if you want to test with a newer kernel.
>redhat 7.2 boots, but the woody boot-floppies kernel doesn't?  very odd.
In the meantime I disvovered the following:
The woody CD DOES boot, when trying 3 times :-)
It gives some error message, when trying to boot it.
The messages disappears very fast - no time to read it.
tried agan - trying to hit scroll-lock - to slow.
tried again - it boots !

This is reproducible! Third try is always successfull.
strange windows-like behaviour ;)

I installed the base system from the woody CD.
Compliments to the debian community at this point:
an excellent installer! (This is my first debian install)

No that I have the base system running, I would like to switch to
"testing". How do I do that?


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