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Re: Intel Math Kernel???

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Kenneth Geisshirt wrote:

> I have downloaded an application (CPMD) which requires Intel Math Kernel
> (MKL). But the MKL installer is an executable and ask for rpm al the time.
> Any tricks?

I can tell you what I did, some time ago, when I wanted to evaluate the
MKL: I installed it in a chroot, then I picked up the temporary rpm it
unpacked and crudely debianised it with alien and some help. Another
option: run the installation with installwatch, it will tell you what gets
installed and where, then you can pick it up and move it where you want


P.S.: in the end I did not purchase the MKL, its nifty features did not
mix very well with the eterogeneous openMosix cluster I wanted to use it
on. But I suppose you are not going to have to run MKL on an eterogeneous
cluster of ia64's, are you? :)



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