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Re: net-install: USB keyboard

Martin Kleinschmidt wrote:
> So I have 2 versions of linux running (gentoo and redhat 7.2).
> Isn't it possible to install debian (on an empty partition) from one of
> the other linux systems?
> Something like copying a minimal system to the root partition, boot into
> that and continue install?

Sure.  Here are some pointers to useful documentation.



I don't think it is architecture specific.

I also think it strange that your USB keyboard is not working with
linux.  Many of my machines only have a USB keyboard and they have all
worked fine with linux.  The problems I have had were when the
machine's firmware BIOS did not support USB keyboards.  For those I
needed to use a ps2 keyboard to configure the BIOS.  After I got them
booting they were fine.


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