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Kernel compile problem

This is really a follow on to my "Suddenly no X-window" msg,
but I thought it needed a new subject line.
I have done apt-get source kernel-source-2.4.25-2.4.25
and I am now trying to build. Did:
make mrproper
make menuconfig
make dep

Now at: make boot
I get an error in linux/highmem.h while compiling init/main.c
at line 87 of highmem.h wrong number of arguments to clear_user_page
and line 119 likewise for copy_user_page

Now this was OK in 2.4.19 and asm-i386 used compatible
In 2.4.25, asm-i386 has removed last param in both places and
become incompatible

I tried fixing in highmem.h and got past this but compile died
soon after. Am I missing some piece?? I thought there was only
a single source set for all architectures.

Richard Harke

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