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Re: Where are the int10 and PEX5 modules?

Emeric Maschino writes...

> Hi folks,
> All is in the subject line ;-)
> Oh yes, I'm running a fresh Woody 3.0r1a install on a hp workstation 
> i2000 a.k.a BigSur. Is this a current limitation on the IA-64 architecture?

int10: Not available for ia64 on woody, available on sarge and sid in the
  xserver-xfree86 package. I don't know what int10 is for, isn't it an
  i386 thing(or something to work around not being on i386 maybe)?

pex5: no Xserver module available for ia64 on woody/sarge/sid. There is a PEX5 shared library available on woody, but not on sarge or sid(which is kind of weird). I don't remember but maybe PEX apps can fall back to software rendering if there's no Xserver PEX module available?

> More generally, is there a resource on Earth to locate a particular 
> file in a Debian package?

If it's installed on the system "dpkg -S foo"

If it's not there are a couple ways,
1.) Search the Contents file for that architecture
2.) Use the 'apt-file' tool (I haven't tried it yet)

Matt Taggart        Linux and Open Source Lab
taggart@fc.hp.com   Hewlett-Packard

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