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Itanium2@900MHz slower than alpha@666MHz ?


I am puzzled about the speed of a zx2000 workstation with a 900Mhz CPU.
According to the SPECfp2000 benchmarks, this workstation should be about
twice as fast as a DS10 alpha workstation.

The test program is only doing some Fourier transforms (fftw2) and some
matrix multiplications. Both fftw2 and the program have been compiled
with ecc -O2 -ipo -limf. ecc is Version 7.1, Build 20030307.

With or without optimization, the program runs about 25% slower on the
zx2000. Are there any compiler related issues ? The specfp numbers were
all obtained with ecc 6.0, which I don't have.

Both the alpha and the Itanium2 run Debian stable and kernel 2.4.20.

Thanks a lot,

* Ionut Georgescu
* http://www.physik.tu-cottbus.de/~george/
* Registered Linux User #244479
* "In Windows you can do everything Microsoft wants you to do; in Unix you
*                can do anything the computer is able to do."

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