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Help sought for #195857: FTBFS llibsendmail-milter-perl on alpha, ia64, sparc


I am trying to track down the reason why Sendmail::Milter which are
Perl bindings for Sendmail's Milter library is not building on the
architectures mentioned above.

The buildd logs can be viewed at
<http://buildd.debian.org/build.php?pkg=libsendmail-milter-perl> and
it appears to me that the reasons why linking fails are the same on
all three platforms--the linker can't create a shared object file from
a static library. Am I reading ld's error message correctly?

Am I assuming correctly that the linking stage would work fine if
there was a libmilter.so? (No shared library is built from sendmail
source, at the moment.)

Or is there any other obvious solution that I am missing?


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