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custom build of 2.4.20 doesn't boot


I tried to build my first custom kernel for IA64 (zx2000) and failed. I
am new to this architecture (though not to Debian and kernel building)
and I feel like I am missing something. The kernel compiles fine, but on
boot, it reboots the machine just after displaying 'Uncompressing

This is what I did.

apt-get install kernel-patch-2.4.20-ia64
cd /usr/src
tar xjf kernel-source...
cd kernel-source-2.4.20
run-parts /usr/src/kernel-patches/ia64/apply/
cp /usr/src/kernel-patches/ia64/config.mckinley .config

plus the XFS 1.3 patches from oss.sgi.org/projects/xfs 

make-kpkg --revision test1 kernel_image

Any tips ... ? 

Thanks a lot,

* Ionut Georgescu
* http://www.physik.tu-cottbus.de/~george/
* Registered Linux User #244479
* "In Windows you can do everything Microsoft wants you to do; in Unix you
*                can do anything the computer is able to do."

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