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WAW and RAW warnings in kernel build

I'm new to both ia64 and debian although I have a lot
of experience on other distros for x86 (including re-building
the kernel)

I was rebuilding the kernel for my new HP ZX2000
and noticed several warnings for WAW and RAW
violations. I didn't see what module(s). I was under the
impression these would be fairly serious so I thought I
better get some advice. If necessary, I'll re-run the build
and save the messages for further analysis.
kernel is: kernel-source-2.4.20_2.4.20-9_all.deb
with patches: kernel-patch-2.4.20-ia64_021210.em20.1_all.deb
(Instructions for patching were not entirely clear to me;
so I ran the scripts in ia64/apply -- in order)

Also the build didn't seem to complete; message in
arch/ia64/boot was nothing to do
Well, I see this make only runs for the simulator and for
generic.  During config I chose HPZX1
Was this a mistake?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Richard Harke

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