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Re: Please help: jazip build error on ia64

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> why is it insufficient to do what the manpage says:
> MOUNT(2)                   Linux Programmerâ??s Manual                  MOUNT(2)
>        mount, umount - mount and unmount filesystems.
>        #include <sys/mount.h>
>        int mount(const char *source, const char *target , const char *filesysâ??
>        temtype, unsigned long mountflags , const void *data);
>        int umount(const char *target);
> ie get those values from sys/mount.h
> you probably also need sys/vfs.h for statfs.

Back In The Day (TM) when I first wrote mount_z.c, both mount.h and fs.h 
were required to do everything jaZip needed.

At some point later on, those things that were needed in fs.h were
duplicated in mount.h.  I remember getting bug reports about the resulting
redeclaration errors and I fixed it by removing mount.h.

I guess I chose wrong, but I promise the mount(2) manpage on my distro
(most likely RedHat 4.x or 5.x back then) did not read like the above when
it first happened :-)

Thanks for the suggestions - we will fix it.

Jarrod Smith

Jarrod A. Smith, Ph.D.
Asst. Director, Center for Structural Biology
Research Asst. Professor, Biochemistry
Vanderbilt University

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