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Suitability for a terminal server

Hello all,
    I'm considering using a 4-way IA-64 (Intel Lion server) as the host for
about 40 X-windows terminals (i.e., I want it to completely manage 40 remote
displays). We've been running Debian on this system for a while, but it's just
been sitting in a closet and crunching numbers; I've not tried any "interactive"
applications on it. We'll need to be able to run Gnome, Abiword, and other apps
of that ilk. Does anyone have any experience with Debian/IA-64 in such a
setting? Are these sorts of apps stable? We've used Alpha hardware of a similar
configuration (4-way ES40, 8GB RAM) for this task previously, so I think the
Lion should be OK hardwarwe-wise. 
    On a related note, if anyone has experience with biology apps on this
platform, I'd also love to hear about it. I'm thinking Clustal X/W, GCG, LAMARC,
MrBayes, PAML, PAUP*, PHYLIP, and so on.

Thanks in advance,

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