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mission critical Debian

>>>>> "Rob" == Rob Savoye <rob@senecass.com> writes:

Rob>   I recently had the interesting experience of bringing up a rack
Rob> of 20 dual processor Itanium II machines (HP zx6000s), all now
Rob> running Debian, over a 48 hour period. The interesting part was

Did you think about using any of the system duplicator packages?
Systemimager or replicator or autoinstall or whatever?

Rob>   A few other thoughts. I'd really love to see a port of Valgrind
Rob> to the Itanium. It's my favorite memory checker. 

Talk to Jeremy@goop.org  He's at least half interested in having it
work for IA64.

Rob> I'd also like to
Rob> really see the NPTL work supported. 

It is!  Debs are available at

But you need to be running the latest 2.5 kernel to have it work.

Are you aware of the Gelato project?  It's to support and promote
linux on IA64; it has lots of people using clusters, some in mission
critical situations like yours.  See http://www.gelato.org for

Dr Peter Chubb  http://www.gelato.unsw.edu.au  peterc AT gelato.unsw.edu.au
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