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Re: Trouble with stdarg on ia64

>>>>> On Mon, 28 Apr 2003 23:54:07 +0200, Martin Buck <m@rtin-buck.de> said:

  >> What apps are there out there that depend on XView and that
  >> people still care about?

  Martin> ol(v)wm mainly. Most of the people asking for XView probably
  Martin> have been using Slowlaris before. And then of course, I'm
  Martin> using it in one of my own applications which is why I
  Martin> originally decided to keep XView alive. But I guess now it's
  Martin> finally time to let it die...

Perhaps so.  Also, it should be possible to continue to run the x86
binaries on ia64.  For stuff like idraw and ol(v)wm, performance
should be perfectly fine.  I would try it myself, but it looks like
even x86 doesn't have an idraw package anymore on Debian.


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