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new kernels vs i2000 firmware

I've uploaded new 2.4.20 kernel images for ia64, version 021210.em18.1.  
With sufficiently recent firmware, these kernels should reduce idle power
consumption, among other changes.

Be warned that I had to upgrade the BIOS on at least one i2000 before I could
boot this version successfully.  The machine I happened to try these kernels
on was running version 103, which failed.

I've testing these kernels on i2000 systems running BIOS 117 (which I've
been recommending for a while) and BIOS 130 (which is what you can currently
download from HP) and both work fine.  So, if you upgrade the kernel on an 
i2000 and it reboots part-way through the kernel initialization, try a firmware
upgrade.  See www.debian.org/ports/ia64 for a link to the HP firmware download 


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