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Re: Booting Debian-ia64 install CD from EFI/elilo ?

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Jeff Beranek wrote:

> I'm struggling to work out how to install Debian on the following machine:
> - SGI (Silicon Graphics) 750
> - Intel IA-64 Itanium(1) based system (dual 733Mhz CPU)
> - GPT partitioned SCSI disks (one with Red Hat 7.2a IA64, one with 64-bit
> Windows Server 2003 RC2, and one blank & ready for Debian)
> - IDE CDROM and IDE LS-120 Super disk (large capacity floppy drive)
> - EFI 1.02 Firmware & boot menus

I have 8 similar machines (no Win2003 :-), and I have installed Debian 3.0
on 4 of them from the net install cd (url posted about a month ago on this
list). I have had problems with earlier installation cds (the machine
crashed when loading the module for the ethernet interface).


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