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RE: newbie looking for help

Bdale Garbee wrote:
> VANCOD@PIOS.com (Vanco, Donald) writes:
>> 	Yesterday, I built a 580MB ISO using jigdo.  I expected that this
>> would result in something based around an installer - but when I
>> boot the CD vc1 simply gets to a point where it says it's loading
>> BusyBox and then it stops, and hopping over to vc2 shows that I can
>> activate this session. 
> You may have better luck with the installer ISO available from a link
> on the www.debian.org/ports/ia64 page.  It has a much newer kernel
> than the one that was used for the Debian 3.0 (woody) installation
> media. 
> Unfortunately, I don't know much about the Compaq DL-590.  It may
> need a firmware update if it's another flavor of repackaged "Lion"
> system.  Anyone on the list who is running Debian on a DL-590 or who
> knows enough to enlighten us, please speak up!

	As it turn out, the jigdo image I built was working, just at 8088
speeds.  It eventually started dbootstrap, but failed to detect my storage
controller (embedded SmartArray) and I could not see any available modules
anywhere - so I attempted to mount the CD, which, after about 5 minutes,
resulted in a kernel panic.
	I then tried the ISO on the ia64 "start page" mentioned above.  This
image booted nice and fast - and immediate hung when dbootstrap started, or
at a minimum blew out keyboard support.

	So - any help appreciated.  For now, the machine's back to Red Hat.
Say want you want - but it works.

For anyone combing the archives, there was, in fact, a firmware update much
more recent than the one I was on:


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