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newbie looking for help

Hi all -
	I've got a Compaq DL-590 I'm trying to load.  I'm not sure of the
firmware on it, but I can tell you that it's been in service (running RH)
for a long time, so if there's required updates I'm likely in need.  If it
matters, my forte to date has been RHL.

	My initial intent was to load via floppy/network - but the
rescue.bin floppy was not seen as bootable by my system.

	Yesterday, I built a 580MB ISO using jigdo.  I expected that this
would result in something based around an installer - but when I boot the CD
vc1 simply gets to a point where it says it's loading BusyBox and then it
stops, and hopping over to vc2 shows that I can activate this session.

	I guess I kinda expected an installer to greet me and help me on my
way.  Do I just run dbootstrap?

	Looking at mounts shows that my CD /should/ be mounted at /instimg -
but that directory is empty - unless I'm totally confused by the output of

	So - do I need to insert modules for the Ethernet and/or point to
the CD and start apt-get-ing my way to a functional system, or run
dbootstrap, or is something, indeed, awry?  I glanced over the archives and
am pulling the minimal ISO posted a few days back to see if that offers
anything different, but any help appreciated.

Cheers -

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