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Re: zx2000 and new firmware

Thanks,  that did it.

I had been using a tes release previously, since 3.0 would not install correctly. Apparently the
new firmware requires 3.0r1.

FYI: The other versions of Linux I have for ia64 will not install with the new firmware either. (They did with the old version) It looks like debian has beat the other distros to a working
system. :)

Thanks again for the pointer.


Larin Hennessy
College of Science
Oregon State University
(541) 737-9519

Khalid Aziz wrote:

That is a fairly up-to-date firmware version. Try the debian CDs at


larin@science.oregonstate.edu wrote:
I have a zx200 with the following firmware:

firmware v1.82
bmc v1.40
efi 14.60

I created a boot cd from testing with jigdo., but I am unable to boot
the system.  I get lots of red lights and beeps when I try to boot off the

When I boot to the EFI shell, and run the kernel directly, I get the system
to boot, but still seem to have problems creating and mounting valid
disk partitions.

Does anyone have any ideas where I could get a disk image that would boot on
this system?  Or is there a known problem with this firmware rev?

Any help would be appreciated.


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