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/proc/efi/vars; reading contents


I'm working on the debian-installer, and noticed that on ia64, you can
read EFI vars via /proc/efi/vars, specifically Lang* and LangCodes*.
Is there any documentation on these, and other EFI vars?

Failing docs, can someone with an ia64 please tell me example contents
of those vars?

I'm working on a module that autodetects some defaults for
debian-installer, such as the default lang. The same can be done from
the SRM console on alpha platforms. 

Also, is there a way I can test such code? It would require root privs
on an ia64.

It would help if you cc:'d me directly, as I'm not on debian-ia64 (I
don't have such a machine); I'll be following the web interface for a
while for followups.


Alastair McKinstry <mckinstry@computer.org>
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