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please autobuild dietlibc

> admin/runit_0.7.1-4: Failed by buildd-caballero [optional:uncompiled]
>   Reasons for failing:
>     [Category: none]
>     excludes ia64, depends on dietlibc which excludes ia64 but has most
>     of a port
>     included in the source package... good project for a rainy day?
>   Previous state was Building until 2002 Nov 07 14:59:21

Hello, I'm not sure if it was done on a rainy day, but the dietlibc
package now builds on ia64 (version 0.22-0cvs20021128). Quinn-diff's
Packages-arch-specific has been adapted, please schedule the package to
be auto-built for ia64.

The packages runit and fnord build-depend on the diet libc, and so are
not yet available for ia64. Their control files currently don't include
ia64 in the Architecture entry, but they should build fine as soon as
the diet libc is available. Can you schedule them to be auto-built also,
or do I need to adapt the control files and upload new versions?

Thanks, Gerrit.

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