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Stability problems with an HP i2000

I have severe stability problems with quantz.debian.org, a HP i2000
machine: whenever I try to actually do something on it (dpkg --remove
for example) the machine dies. It won't unblank the screen so I can't
read any OOPS data if there is any, and it locks up solidly enough
to not log anything to syslog either.

I upgraded the firmware a couple of months ago to the latest version
that was available at the time, and as far as I know that is still
the latest version (the HP driver newsletter hasn't listed any updates).
The kernel is currently a 2.4.9 which was taken from the Debian archive.

Since this machine is schedule to host a sourceforge setup for Debian
I would like to get it stable asap, so if anyone has any clues as to
what the problem might be I'ld appreciate hearing about them.

(oh, and I'm not subscribed to debian-ia64 so please cc me on replies)


Wichert Akkerman <wichert@wiggy.net>           http://www.wiggy.net/
A random hacker

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