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Re: kernel panic on i2000 when configuring network


Try to pass the following to the kernel boot options:


If i don't do that, 20010810 iso crashes during install.

My 0.02 euro.


On Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:29:44 +0100
Nico van Vliet <N.vanVliet@ctw.utwente.nl> wrote:

  |  Hi,
  |  I have tried to install Debian 3.0 on my i2000 using ia64-net-20020506.iso.
  |  The system has bios version 117c, which is tested according to the 
  |  debian web page.
  |  Nevertheless the install hangs on configuring the network.
  |  When I try to set the ip address later using ifconfig :
  |  ifconfig eth0
  |  Kernel panic: map_single: could not allocate software IO TLB ( 1552 bytes )
  |  Does anyone know what's wrong here?
  |  I should also mention that on boot time the network card is detected as 
  |  an 82557, while the manual that came with the system claims there is an 
  |  82559 installed.
  |  Any help is highly appreciated!!
  |  Nico

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