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Re: Build failure of libieee1284 on ia64, help needed

Matt Chapman <matthewc@cse.unsw.edu.au> wrote:

> Hi Julien,

Hi Matt,

> In the IA64 <sys/io.h> inb and outb are macros:
> #define inb     _inb
> #define outb    _outb

Oh, *duh*.

> I renamed it's use of inb and outb to do_inb and do_outb to avoid this
> clash.

Ok, I'll do that, and I'll forward this upstream. Thanks for the hint
and the patches !

> Additionally outb_p doesn't exist.  I don't think it should be necessary

It exists on i386 only I believe, for historical purpose as I found
out. outb_p is used only on i386, as I added the required tests in the
code (which do not show up in your patches ?).

> on IA64 so I've just used outb.  It seems to work okay now although I
> don't have anything on my parallel port to test with.

Time will tell. :)



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