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Re: Xemacs21 doesn't work.

Peter Chubb wrote:
> Bdale>         cast to pointer from integer of different size
> I've just checked all the places these warnings occur.  They're benign
> (For compatibility with Windows, filedescriptors for newly created
> processes are declared as void*; then if you're running under Unix,
> they're cast to int whenever used, and back again when being passed
> around to various functions).

That does not sound benign to me.  But perhaps I did not get a full
understanding from your explanation, since you sound understanding
about it.

Note that linux on ia64 uses an LP64 model where longs and pointer
types are 64-bit but ints are 32-bit.  Therefore casting between
pointer types and the int type will lose bits and generally will cause
trouble.  While anything that casts between pointer types and long
type is probably benign.  Hearing that the code casts between void*
and int rang the alarm bell in my head.


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