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Re: [Gcl-devel] ia64 and garbage collection

>1) Does the __builtin function identically to the asm in the Boehm-gc?
>   Returning the same address too?

The builtin function gives you an inline flushrs instruction.  The result
here will be slightly different than calling a function that uses flushrs,
but this may not matter for your purpose.

>2) Looking over the boehm code, am I correct in guessing that this is
>   also the case on hppa (HP PA-RISC)?

ia64-hpux behaves the same as ia64-linux here, since it is a feature of the
IA-64 architecture.  HP PA-RISC only has one stack as far as I know.
The hppa hpux problems are probably unrelated to the IA-64 problems.

>3)  I'd appreciate your comments on the patch below if possible.

It looks reasonable.  I've avoiding learning too much about this part of the
IA-64 architecture, so i can't say for sure whether it is completely right.

The __libc_ia64_register_backing_store_base reference might be glibc and hence
linux specific.  I don't think the ABI requires that the variable be present.
Thus you might need different mechanisms here for other IA-64 operating systems
like HPUX, MS Windows, FreeBSD, etc.


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