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Re: Bug#144584: g++-3.0: on ia64, internal compiler error with octave code

Randolph Chung writes:
> > Is that one available somewhere on an ia64 box, preferably one accessible
> > to John?
> gcc-snapshot package, but we cannot use that to build binaries to go into the
> archive (uses different library versions)

maybe if linking with static libraries is an option?

> I'm not sure which box John has access to, but mail
> debian-admin@lists.d.o and they can install whatever you need for you if
> it's a Debian box.

I have put current snapshot packages (3.1 branch, basically the same
as the gcc-3.1 packages) at http://ftp-master.debian.org/~doko/gcc-snap/
probably soon in incoming.


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