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Intel ECC

I've recently installed Debian on an Intel Lion server, and I'm having some
trouble getting the Intel 64-bit C++ compiler to work on it. I've downloaded
and installed the packages from the Intel web site and installed using alien
and rpm2cpio (two of the three packages gave alien trouble), and I've
installed the ia32-libs package (version 0.3) as mentioned in a February
thread on the Intel Fortran compiler. When I try to compile a hello world
program, though, I get the following error:

daniel@elsa:~/icc> ecc hw.cpp
ias: error while loading shared libraries:
/opt/intel/compiler50/ia32/lib/libSymDbg.so: cannot make segment writable
for relocation: Invalid argument

I've added /opt/intel/compiler50/ia32/lib and /opt/intel/compiler50/ia64/lib
to ld.so.conf; the error happens both with and without these lines. Does
anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Myers

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