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Anyone interested in helping test upstream release candidates for OpenAFS 1.2.3?

ONe of the packages I maintain (openafs) is approaching an upstream
release.  I have packaged their release candidate, but would
appreciate help testing on architectures I don't have access to.  I
have preliminary packages available at

I should set up the appropriate sources file so that apt-get source
works shortly.

In order to test:

apt-get source openafs
dpkg-buildpackage -B
Install the arch all openafs-modules-source
make  a modules package for your kernel using make-kpkg
(there is a README.modules with instructions)
Install the modules package and openafs-client.
You will be prompted for a cell; you can use athena.mit.edu.
I'm mostly curious  to know:

* Does it still work on s390

* Does it build at all on ia64 (which was just added in this release)

If you get a chance to help with this it would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help,


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