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port of crafty to alpha platform is outdated


I'm maintaining crafty, a chess game engine.

update_excuses reports that:

     * crafty (17.13-6 to 18.12-4)
          + Maintainer: Eric Van Buggenhaut
          + 33 days old (needed 2 days)
          + out of date on alpha: crafty (from 18.11-1)
          + out of date on ia64: crafty (from 18.11-1)
          + Not considered

I'd like to get newer version of crafty into testing since it includes major improvements and fixes important bugs. People keep filing bugs about crafty that have been solved in the new versions.

Although crafty is non-free, could you give it a try on the auto-builders and release a fresh version before freezing Woody ? It's not a very large code and there are no complicated build-dependencies (sharutils, bzip2, g++)

Thanks for your help.


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