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Re: Ptrace manpage on IA64 is for Linux 2.2

Can somebody of the HPPA team help and provide enough information to
fix the manpage ptrace(2)?  Any help would be gladly appreciated.  A
patch (against the version in unstable) would be the best

Johan Walles wrote:
> From "http://bugs.debian.org/122383";.
> "
> What I stumbled upon was that PTRACE_GETREGS, PTRACE_GETFPREGS,
> PTRACE_SETREGS and PTRACE_SETFPREGS don't exist on IA64.  I wish I
> could give a more detailed report, and detail exactly what is wrong
> with it, but the reason I want an updated man page is that I want to
> read it.  If knew what it was supposed to say I wouldn't need it...
> "
> I can understand if this information is not enough for correcting the 
> documentation.  But while my knowledge of how ptrace() works is enough 
> to see that the man page is broken (see above), it is not enough to say 
> what the man page should actually say.  Neither do I know who would know 
> what the man page should say.  If you don't know either, I guess the 
> only approach left is to leave the man page incorrect and hope that 
> somebody with more knowledge of ptrace() than me or you comes along and 
> fixes it.



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