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Re: plex86 to be built under ia64

On Sun, 09 Dec 2001 18:46:30 Bdale Garbee wrote:
> > Due to Plex86 i386 virtualizator nature, we can divide the sources in
> three
> > parts attending on their portability:
> So, the first thing I wonder about is whether, in fact, this can/should
> all
> be built on ia64, or whether the packaging should be re-factored to split
> the
> package into chunks that are host architecture specific and chunks that
> must
> be built on ia32 regardless of where they're run?  I haven't studied your
> packaging work in any detail yet, this is just a first impression kind of
> question.

I'm sorry i can't assure if it will work, but you're welcome to try it.
My comments in README.Debian is everything (i think) i know
about it, you can ask in the plex86 mailing list, see

> I guess I'd rather see someone work with you to get this built and
> working
> *before* you add ia64 to the architecture list on an upload, though,
> since 
> saying it works on ia64 in the packaging when it really doesn't yet would
> just mess with our build completion percentages and not add any value.

okay, i won't add it until it's time to.

> By the way, merulo.debian.org is a fairly well-configured ia64 system you
> should have access to if you'd like to experiment with the packaging and 
> building parts yourself.  Obviously, that's not a good machine to try
> actually
> *running* this stuff on, though.  :-)

I'm sorry i don't have skills on ia64 porting, nor time to do it. Have luck
with it if you want to try, patches are welcome ;)


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