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Re: Extra info just for hppa on those binutils debs

> Ok, new hppa debs are done and are at the same location.  There are also
> alpha, i386, and ia64 debs as well, in case you're interested.  Sparc,
> mips, and m68k soon to follow.
> They include Alan's fixes that he committed to CVS today rather than HJ's.
> If this looks good on hppa (ppc and ia64 also), I'm going to do the upload
> tonight (still testing the others that I have here).

Chris, the ia64 binutils problem that I sent to the binutils list (cc'ed
you) are not yet resolved.... so for ia64 the new binutils doesn't seem
to make much of a difference (i.e. it works most but not all of the

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