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Re: ia32 compatibility and gcc-3.0

On Wed, Sep 12, 2001 at 02:11:24PM -0700, Randolph Chung wrote:
> In reference to a message from Rick Haines, dated Sep 12:
> > Does anyone know anything about running ia32 programs under Debian/IA64?
> > Also, what's the status of gcc-3.0?
> gcc-3.0.1 is available for Debian/ia64, but is not the default compiler
> for woody.

The packages are there but I was getting version conflicts.  Something
about one of the packages requiring (<< 3.0.2); I'll check it for sure
when I get t work tomorrow.

I attempted to build from source but got segfaults when it was building
libstdc++ via xgcc (something like that).

> I doubt ia32 binaries can run on a stock Debian system at the moment without 
> some additional work. Is there interest in having this support? In many
> cases it is easier to just recompile the application.

I have not been having good success building mozilla.  I'm also
attempting to try Intel's compilers which have some necessary ia32
executables for some reason (checking w/ intel on this).

But in general I heartily agree with recompiling.

Rick (rick@kuroyi.net)

I think the slogan of the fansubbers puts
it best: "Cheaper than crack, and lots more fun."

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