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Bug#110687: __WORDSIZE not defined

Package: libc6
Severity: important

The __WORDSIZE macro is supposed to be defined in <limits.h> (actually
bits/wordsize.h, which limits.h includes). However, it only defines it
if gcc is not defined.  IMHO, this is libc's job, not the compiler's.
However, *someone* needs to define it, since currently it isn't being
defined at all.

This is holding up porting some packages to IA-64 (that's where i
first noticed the problem).  Below is a small program which
demonstrates the problem.  The problem exists on at least testing-i386
and unstable-ia64.

#include <limits.h>
#include <stdio.h>

	printf("wordsize is %d\n", __WORDSIZE);

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