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Installing cd-20010810.iso on HP i2000--Can't see hard drive

I'm having trouble installing the cd image posted on the
ia64 ports page onto an HP i2000. I can get it to boot
into the installation just fine by following the instructions,
and then it asks me to configure my keyboard, and then the
network--but after that the only option I can seem to get
to is to 'Mount a Previously-Initialized Partition'--which,
if I select, brings up something for mounting a partition
via nfs or something. If I try to 'Partition a Hard Disk',
it tells me 'No hard disk drives could be found.' I may be
missing somethign here--I'm kind of a Linux/Debian amateur,
so any help would be appreciated. If you need more data,
tell me what to tell you. I just had the Red Hat Linux that
comes with the HP Itaniums installed and working, so I know
it's not strictly a hardware issue. But of course, I don't
want to use Red Hat if I can use Debian : ).

  Thanks in advance,
    --Daniel (danielt@ee.byu.edu)

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