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Re: Debian libtiff package and bug #106706

On Fri, Aug 03, 2001 at 04:19:24PM -0400, Mark Gelinas wrote:
> After installing libtiff3g_3.5.5-5_alpha.deb , I am now experiencing
> the problems documented in bug report 106706 (tiff reporting files are
> directories, etc) when using xv, Window Maker, etc.  Restoring the use
> of __alpha to the code fixed the problem.  __LP64__ must not be a valid
> macro on the Alpha platform (I am using an EV56 system with kernel 2.4.7
> and the latest gcc from the unstable tree).
> Could you modify the patch to restore the original '#if defined' lists
> for tiff.h and tif_fax3.c, then and add __LP64__ to the end?  This will
> satisfy all architectures that use __LP64__ without hurting those that
> don't.

Argh. Why didn't this work?

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