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XFree86 4.0.2-12 release and architecture status

[My apologies for the obscenely broad crosspost, but I think you'll
understand the reason why.]

XFree86 4.0.2-12 for i386 has been uploaded to auric's incoming.  (Yes, I
built it against libc6 2.2.2-2, not 2.2.2-3 or later.)

It is my intention for this to be my last release in the 4.0.2 series.

XFree86 4.0.3 is out and I need to devote my full attention to getting it
packaged.  However, migrating patches from one upstream release to the next
is always a pain, so I'd like 4.0.2-12 to serve as a release that we get
into testing no matter what, because the road might be a little rough for
the first few Debian versions of 4.0.3.

To do that, we need some architecture synchronization.  So here's my status
report on the XFree86 architecture front.  Each arch is followed by my
notes on the current buildability on each architecture (what I know if it,
at least).  I also note if I've added patches for support of an
architecture since the last successful build that appears in auric's pools.


alpha		build needed, 4.0.2-11 is current
arm		build needed, 4.0.2-11 is current (-12 contains patches)
hurd-i386	build needed, 4.0.2-4 is current (-12 contain patches)
ia64 		build needed, no current version (-11 contains patches)
i386		built and uploaded
m68k		build needed, 4.0.2-7 is current
mips		build needed, 4.0.2-11 is current
powerpc		no build needed, I'm taking care of it
s390		build needed, no current version (-6 contains patches)
sparc		no build needed, I'm taking care of it

I realize that the ia64 and s390 arches probably aren't really in auric's
pool mechanism yet.  This just serves as a notice that new versions exist,
and I haven't heard anything back with respect to success or failure on
these architectures since I integrated the fixes that were sent to me.

In short: alpha, arm, and m68k, please build 4.0.2-12.  That will be
sufficient to get 4.0.2-12 into testing.

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