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> From: Grant Grundler [mailto:grundler@cup.hp.com]
> "Anish Patel" wrote:
> > how is it an Alpha problem, when i can load up FreeBSD but 
> not Linux,
> > points to something wrong in the IDE driver for the alpha 
> doesn't it now.
> Anish,
> Leandro suggested it's a problem specific to the Alpha Linux port
> and not a HW problem specific to your machine.
> I think his msg also implied it doesn't need to be broadcast to all
> Debian ports.  I don't know.

	I think there was a mistake... the problem is that he sent a help
request to debian-powerpc, while his issue was with debian-alpha.  Wrong
mailing list, only that, I do not even use Debian Alpha.

	He would get better help if he subscribes to debian-alpha.

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